Friday, May 24, 2013

Sightings Report #9

In the last 24 hours, twenty new pages cite the phrase “truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”  All are from the right, using the quotation to attack President Obama.  This is fairly typical.  During the Bush administration, those on the left found it useful to attack him as an acolyte of Joseph Goebbels.

The blog Polichicks has a post titled “Truth is the Greatest Enemy of the State.”  It claims that former IRS Acting Commissioner Steven Miller was following Goebbels’s strategy.  And following Goebbels’s advice, the post claims, has been the policy of the Obama administration: “This has been the across the board mantra for President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder for four and a half years.”

Tracking Report #6

A search on Google for the phrase “truth is the greatest enemy of the State” returns 380,000 hits.  Bing returns 8,510.  These are holding relatively steady since the last time we checked on 12 February 2013.