Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Austrian Site on Fake Quotations

There are a fair number of people engaged in the Sisyphean labor of discouraging dubious quotations.

Gerald Krieghofer has an Austrian site titled Zitatenrätsel that tracks them in the German-speaking world. He has a 6 December 2017 post that looks at dubious Goebbels quotations.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Article on Fake News Uses Fake Quotation

Peacock Panache, an site on the political left, has a post titled “Fake News and the Big Lie” on 1 November 2017.  It is less than enthused about Trump Administration statements and claims:
The study did find that Trump’s constant calling-out of specific media sources affected public perceptions of the accuracy of those sources. That shouldn’t surprise us. There is a famous Joseph Goebbels quote, describing the propaganda tactic known as “The Big Lie.”
It then cites the alleged quotation by Goebbels.
So we have an article assailing fake news that uses a fake quotation.  

Thursday, June 22, 2017

"Reliable" Sites and the Dubious Goebbels Quotation

I’m particularly annoyed by sites that look reliable, but spread the dubious Goebbels quotation that  this blog is following.  That is almost always a sign that a site should be avoided.

One example is the Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team.  On the surface (but only on the surface) it looks to be a scholarly site, although it provides very little information on who is behind it.  However, its page on Joseph Goebbels is headed by the dubious quotation.  I’ve twice e-mailed them, but they haven't removed the material. On the same page, they reproduce a large section of one of my translations, with no credit.

In short, it’s not a site to be recommended.