Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sighting Report #6

There are 31 new hits for the past 24 hours.  The top one is for Regainyourbrain,  subtitled “the war on independent thought.”  It has the dubious Goebbels quotation at the top of each post — and attributes it to “Joseph M. Goebbels.”  “M” was not his middle initial, but 35,000 Internet pages think it was — and indeed, the first two quotations we can find (dating back to 2002) use that wrong middle initial.  This post is concerned about the effects of cell phone radiation on the brain.  The site as a whole is filled with claims of sinister conspiracies to use technology to turn humans into helpless puppets of the Pentagon, the New World Order, etc.  Digital television, cell phones, and other technologies are all part of the plot.

The second site, The Logical Sceptic, also has the quotation at the head of each post, although at least is does not provide “M” as a middle initial.  It is a Ron Paul fan site.

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