Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sighting Report #11

The MWC News is a site claiming all sorts of noble virtues, including:
“Our aim is to offer a clear-cut distinction between fact and opinion...”
This post, dated 9 August 2014, is on the conflict between Israel and Hamas.  It quotes the fabricated Goebbels quotation to support the claim that the media are complicit in supporting guilty Israel against innocent Hamas.

Their ability to separate fact from fabrication does not seem well-developed.  As is so often the case, they use the quotation without bothering to check its accuracy because it says what they want to say. Like most who use the quotation, they also select the evidence they think supports their case, ignoring what doesn’t agree with their positions.

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  1. Thank you for this blog, and for not abandoning the project many months after I first discovered it. I've used it as a reference at, where the site owner consistently prefaces his (emailed) newsletters with quotes falsely attributed to Goebbels.

    See here for my comments (fifth one down).